Thoughts of a Chaotic Mind

One in four people will experience mental health problems. 'Thoughts of a Chaotic Mind' is a multi-vocal project following the issues which people are having facing the mental health system and the crisis around funding cuts and privatisation of the NHS

With many NHS trusts across the UK falling victim of capitalist privatisation due to the increase in supply and demand of the healthcare system, private outsourcing companies are making a benefit from this – undermining the NHS’s values as outlined by Aneurin Bevan when the NHS was established. In recent years, NHS funding towards mental health support and services have felt a massive decrease. With relation to this, many young people are no longer being able to obtain support and some people are at a disadvantage as waiting times for counselling and specialist treatment have increased.

Through the use of service users stories and news reports we can see the effect this is having and how it is being reported to the media. For the photographic aspect of the project I decided to use old journals to narrate my experiences from when I faced difficulties with mental health services and how this created a sense of isolation and exile to my environments growing up.