New Towns: Into the Valley of the Crow

This topographic documentary project surveys the South Wales valley town of Cwmbran, which was allocated to be developed under the New Towns Act of 1946.

Photographs of structural entities within the town allow us to read the story of this area and its design. The New Town was specifically not to be a ‘soulless suburbia’, as quoted by Lewis Silkin (Minister of Town and Country Planning).

The title “Into the Valley of the Crow” stems from an essay written by local author, K Littlewood as part of an anthology of essays about Cwmbran. The photographs follow the border which surrounds the town and the section of the valley which was originally planned to be the designated area of the town.

With its vast abundance of shopping trolleys within the city centre and the exploration of streets within which thrives the population of this town, we revisit this area nearly half a century after the main development of the area ended; representing the area through an architectural and environmental study.