(A collaboration with Time to Change for Time to Talk Day 2019)

Inside My Mind uses stories and emotive messages from those who experience mental health issue. Sharing those hard conversations and thoughts which they want others to know about.

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem, however people do not talk about mental health because there is still an underlying stigma in our society around these issues. It is believed that mental health problems are now one of the main causes of overall disease burden worldwide (Vos, T, 2015).

Mental health issues do not discriminate. This project works with individuals of different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. 87% of people in a 2014 survey agreed that those who suffered with mental illness experienced stigma and discrimination (TNS BMRBH, 2015).

This project is an important tool for the fight against discrimination and stigma that these people face as they share first hand experiences and the importance of speaking out.

Many thanks to the Children & Young People Involvement Team at Time to Change with all their support on this project. It couldn’t have been done without you.