Bittersweet Melancholia

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance - In 1969, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross developed the system which is now known as the five stages of grief. Kubler-Ross creates this cycle by looking at this from a phenomenological approach, by studying those whom are direct to the experience of grieving and the study of consciousness – this is not a linear process however stages which she identified as being returned to or often indicated within her research.

‘Bittersweet Melancholia’ is a personal led project which utilises these five stages as an underlying theme of narrative to the work. The title of the work develops from the oxymoron of a bittersweet emotion, you feel positive because the person you love is free from pain however you then contradict that with the sudden negative of feeling hurt from the loss and deep sadness which comes from Melancholia.


Documenting the time from where a person once lived and the significance of found objects which hold personal connection to the deceased; Through a photographic and poetic narrative, we explore and express the emotions of grief through cathartic reflection and by paying homage to reminders and symbols of the individual’s life.