Leah Barfield (b. 04/09/1998) is a Photographic Artist from Cambridgeshire. Graduate of BA (Hons) Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales. Her documentary work focuses on visualising social issues such as Mental Health Issues, Psychology and immersing herself within communities and charity work. Since 2016, she has been has been working alongside multiple clients as an events photographer and recently outbranched her services to cover wedding photography.


Since volunteering with Time to Change in 2016, she creates work which shares hers and others experiences through the use of text, poetry and video. Her work has been exhibited as part of the Guernsey Photography Festival 2018, "Use Your Voice" event at the University of South Wales and the "West of the Taff" University Exhibition in Cardiff. One of her recent works "Inside My Mind", which was a collaboration with Time to Change, won an award for Best Photography in the Mental Health Blog Awards in 2019.

Leah Barfield - Documentary Photography